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Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a powerful stomach practice that objectives the muscles of the lower mid-region, including the rectus abdominis. This is the way you can perform hanging leg raises.

Hanging leg raises
Hanging leg raises

1. Find a Pull-Up Bar

Find an intense draw-up bar or any raised-level bar that can maintain your body weight.

2. Grip the Bar

Stand under the bar and show up to get a handle on it with two hands. Your hands should be hardly greater than shoulder-width isolated.

3. Hang from the Bar

Grant your body to hang uninhibitedly from the bar, with your arms extended.

4. Engage Your Core

Fix your solid strength and back your middle to settle your spine.

5. Lift Your Legs

While keeping your legs straight, lift them vertically toward the rooftop. Base on using your abs to control the turn of events.

6. Control the Descent

Lower your legs back down with control, making an effort not to swing or use energy.

7. Repeat

Play out the best number of emphases.


Start with a pleasant extent of development and bit by bit increase it as your fortitude gets to a higher level.

Keep your improvements slow and controlled to extend the responsibility of your strong strength.

Expecting you to find hanging leg raises also testing from the outset, you can contort your knees fairly or perform knee raises until you foster adequate determination.


Bent Knee Hanging Leg Raises: Instead of keeping your legs straight, wind your knees as you lift them toward your chest.

Side-to-Side Leg Raises: Lift your legs straight up and subsequently, while keeping them straight, lower them to the side and a short time later the other, zeroing in on the obliques. 

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