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"Dips" with regards to practice regularly allude to a particular strength-preparing exercise that fundamentally focuses on the rear arm muscles, chest, and shoulders. This exercise should be possible by utilizing equal bars or comparative hardware. This is the way to play out an essential equal bar Dip:


1. Parallel Bar Dips

 This is the exemplary plunge workout, where you utilize equal bars to plunge your body all over. It basically focuses on the rear arm muscles and chest.

2. Ring Dips

 Ring plunges include utilizing gymnastic rings rather than fixed equal bars. They require greater strength and connect with extra muscle gatherings.

3. Chest Dips

These are performed with a somewhat forward shelter that stresses the chest muscles more than the rear arm muscles.

4. Tricep Dips

 You can perform rear arm muscle plunges by keeping your body upstanding and zeroing in on focusing on the rear arm muscles.

5. Weighted Dips 

 Adding weight (e.g., utilizing a weight belt) to your body during plunges makes the activity seriously tested and assists with strength gains.

6. Bench Dips

 Seat plunges are a variety where you utilize a seat or a steady surface to play out the activity. This is a decent choice for fledglings.

7. Korean Dips

 Korean plunges are a further developed variety, where you hold your legs lined up with the ground during the plunge, expanding the center and lower body commitment.

8. L-sit Dips

 In L-sit plunges, you keep your legs broadened straight out before you, which requires extra center strength and equilibrium.

9. Pike Dips 

Pike plunges include keeping your legs straight and bringing them up before you as you plunge. This variety further difficulties your center and shoulder strength.

10. Incline Dips

These should be possible on equal bars with a slope, putting more accentuation on the lower chest.

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