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Fitness Vs Health - Both Are Important But Are They The Same? by Will Byron
Fitness by definition is The state of being physically active on a regular basis to maintain good physical condition. What are some of the things we can do and terms we need to understand to have both fitness and health.

Fitness Over 40 Means Commitment to the Plan by Allison Holt
The weight loss journey can be long and hard and it can be harder when you are talking about fitness over 40. For fitness over 40 for to succeed, it needs to be the same with exercise.

Health Pointers for the Fitness Babes by Roger Mitchell
Being in a fitness community maybe the important element lacking in your training program.

Circuit Training - The Fastest Way to Fitness! by Deborrah Cooper
If you're committed to getting in shape and improving your overall health and fitness, the efficiency of circuit training offers a complete solution! Whether you are a beginner to fitness, recovering from an injury and returning to the gym, or an elite athlete seeking improvement in your particular sport, circuits can be designed to emphasize strength, endurance, speed, weight loss, agility, balance, or any other aspect of your fitness that is important to you. The total number of circuits performed per exercise session will vary depending upon your fitness objectives and training level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). You may need to adjust the number of repetitions in accordance with your current fitness level. Deborrah is an ISSA certified fitness trainer and ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant specializing in women's health, fitness and fat loss in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Fitness Regime From Outer Space Has Landed! by Lisa Zaidell
Over the last few years the popularity of vibration-training has increasingly grown with the development of machines such as PowerPlate ™ and Vibrogym ™, and with the recent introduction of personal or 'domestic user' models, the potential for greater training benefits such as strength and power is now being welcomed into our own homes.From the current commercially available machines a basic vibration platform can cost as little as £100 while the so-called professional editions will set you back as much as £9000. Generally, much of the differences in cost are accountable to the brand name and design. The type of material used and the quality of construction are undoubtedly important factors for machine performance and durability, however aspects such as choice of colour and sleek design are factors that are unlikely to benefit neither your training results nor your bank balance.When it comes to choosing a vibration platform it is useful to consider the following factors:The operational parameters -Apart from the type and duration of exercise performed, the intensity of vibration-training depends on the frequency of vibration (the number of oscillations per second, measured in Hertz, Hz) and the amplitude of the oscillatory wave (mm, cm).

Getting A Good Workout With The LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical by Brandon Larsen
If you are looking for a basic model that will help you get a good workout without costing you as much as some of the other models currently available on the market, you might be interested in the LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical. While the LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical does not have all of the "Bells and Whistles" of some other designs, it still has everything necessary to get a good workout. In addition to helping the user obtain a thorough workout, the LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical also places an emphasis on reducing body stress. The LifeCore Fitness LC980 Elliptical is not particularly small when compared to other ellipticals, but it does feature oversized transportation wheels that make it easier to move from place to place.

Determining Whether the LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower Is Worth the Extra Cost by Brandon Larsen
One of the most popular models for those that can afford it is the LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower. One of the nicest features of the LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower is its oversized seating and free motion heel supports, which helps to make it very comfortable to use. The LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower has the ability to store the data for up to four different users. The LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower is capable of folding for storage, though it weighs 96 pounds. The LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower does have a higher price tag on it than other rowers offered by LifeCore.

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of The LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike by Brandon Larsen
The LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike is one pieces of exercise equipment that has received a great deal of positive attention. "You can choose from among 12 preset programs with the LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike as well as four heart rate control programs. The LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike can also be used just about anywhere, even if you are far from a power source, because it can be powered by batteries or with the included AC adapter. The small design of the LifeCore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike may be great when it comes to finding a spot for it in your home, but may be a bit too small for those that are particularly tall.

Taking the Easy Approach to Weight Loss and Fitness by Antonious Frederickson
The reasons are many but one thing that everyone who has a fitness regimen has in common with each other is that they all had a beginning. The truth of the mater, is that if you were to stop someone that you saw doing their fitness regimen you would most likely find that many of them struggled in the beginning just like you do. Exercise and fitness regimens are difficult to adhere to in the beginning, because that is the most difficult time.

Apply the Secret to Your Fitness Goals by Hema Murty
This is the idea behind body-mind-spirit fitness training. A personal trainer can assess the individual's needs and fitness level. This program can take you to the next level in fitness. In order to get to the next level in your fitness, you would need to make some kind of change. Where do the teachings of the Secret fit into fitness?

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