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Pilates vs. Yoga – Which Workout Is More Effective?

However popular this question is there is no immediate answer to this particular statement. There are a number of exercises and a few different variations that trainers or instructors advise their trainees to practice. These variations cause the exercises to be easier or harder than their original forms. Pilates and Yoga are two exercises as different as cardio and aerobics. The body type of the person determines what exercise and form is best for him. Without judging your metabolism and energy, you cannot devise a routine and follow it. BMI is therefore one of the most effective methods to calculate the mass of the body.

A Calorie Burner
Pilates burns more calories than yoga. This is because Pilates Fitness routine follows strengthening postures and core workouts that improve and relax the tense muscles in the body. On the other hand, Yoga is often confused with meditation, but it actually is a different form of exercise that eases the muscles and improves joint and flexibility of the human body. However, neither of the two exercises can be termed as effective without considering the BMI, metabolism level and lifestyle of the person. Their respective effectiveness also depends on what you are willing to achieve.

Fitness Classes
Pilates Classes and Yoga Classes are held around the town and even in gyms where you can sign up for a monthly trial and can experience what works best for you. However, proper health and nutrition level is necessary, no matter what exercise you choose. If you keep your levels healthy and avoid junk and greasy foods, then chances are that you only need to tone your body without additional weight loss or muscle burning needs.

The Required Equipment
If you are working in a gym then you do not have to take along any equipment of your own. However, if you doing Pilates at home, then you need a Pilates Reformer. This machine is like a rectangular wooden plank where you can adjust the springs and attach the strings. Using your body weight and strength, you have to maintain a posture and slowly exercise by stretching the cables over pulleys and strings. This causes your body muscles to strengthen at the core and tighten your body. Yoga, on the other hand, requires a Yoga Mat. You can lay it down anywhere and perform over it different Yoga postures to exercise and practice flexibility, stretch muscles and balance your body weight.

There are many online videos and tutorials that will help you learn about Pilates. However, a Pilates’ instructor will help you determine as to how effective the exercise is according to your body and your desired results. You can register yourself in the classes and learn the basic posture and strength exercises with the best of trainers. Pilates Classes in Singapore provides amazing discounted deals on new subscriptions and referrals. You also get to devise meal plans for your workouts so that you can get effective and long lasting results. One must remember that Pilates, Yoga, Cardio and other forms of exercises are all effective with proper care, posture and diet.

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