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Know about the breakdown of the ingredients of Sustanon!!!

The commonly used drug by the athletes for gaining muscle mass is the Sustanon 350. This steroid has been created with an aim to treat the people suffering from low levels of testosterone. This is a steroid anabolic in nature and must be injected into the body of an individual rather than taking it in its oral form. This steroid has been manufactured with a blend of testosterone.

The breakdown of the ingredients of the Sustanon 350 includes testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone decanoate and testosterone propionate. IT is believed that the testosterone helps this steroid to work effectively. There is a release of different elements of testosterone at different times. This allows the steroid to continue working with a fewer injections required.

Benefits on intake of Sustanon:

The sustanon 350 has become a popular choice for the athletes. This is because; it provides them with a number of benefits including:

  • This compound helps in growing bigger muscles
  • This often helps in increasing the number of red blood cells
  • It has been seen that most of the individuals experience an increase in stamina with an increase in the count of red blood cells. Also, it enables their muscles to respond at a faster pace.
  • Most of the people have felt a higher metabolism with intake of this drug.
  • This drug is meant for boosting the level of testosterone in the body of an individual.


The Sustanon works as a rapid fat burner. This is a result of boosted metabolism that helps in burning the calories and cutting fat. Also, this makes the muscles to appear stronger and bigger for aspiring bodybuilders.

It is said that the Sustanon must be injected into the body of an individual. The Sustanon must be injected in the shoulder, chest, buttock area or arm. In order to achieve desired results, its users are suggested to stack it with other oral steroids or other hormones, including trenbolone, dianabol, winstrol, etc. The average dose for a male is 250-1000mg in a week. The average dosage for a female is 50-100 mg.

The users are recommended to start with a lower dosage and can gradually increase it in what they want. The cycle of this steroid must last between 8 to 20 weeks. A typical cycle lasts for about 10 weeks. The use of Sustanon may damage the levels of testosterone produced within the body of an individual.

IT has been seen that the results obtained by the athletes are very satisfactory for them and that makes them very happy. The result from intake of this drug varies from one individual to another. The individuals can get the best results on taking a diet rich in protein along with the intake of this steroid. The breakdown of the ingredients of the Sustanon 350 includes a blend of testosterone, where testosterone is the active component and is helpful in obtaining the best results. The individuals can make improvement in their results by eating a huge amount of carbohydrates in his diet.  

Author: Owais Abbasi

I am a Professional Health Relevant Article Writer..!

Owais Abbasi: I am a Professional Health Relevant Article Writer..!