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7 Weight Loss Tips To Look Smarter

Every man and women wants to look nice but somehow,we would not be able to see the fulfillment of that dream.But now you can rid off your fatness by act upon these helpful tips to make your belly flat and smart.

1.TAKE a Selfie

Some people don’t like selfies in gym, but it can help you in weight loss.Because by taking selfies and making snaps could be a motivation for you to attain your goal.Snaps can help you to realize and see the difference what you look like from your previous look.You can also check your waist-hip ratio decreasing that will give you a push to stick to your dream of looking nice,smart as well as sexy.

2.Green Tea

Green tea is not only good for cancer but it also gives a major role in weight loss.Research has proved that green tea increases Metabolism rate shoots up by 4 times that will help you to digest food properly.

3.Eat Salad & Fruits

According to Science,Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries Oxygen through out our body.Because Hemoglobin is an iron compound that’s why it needs iron to work properly and effectively.Salads contain green leaves and fruits like strawberry,apples,cucumbers are good to increase iron-rate in Hemoglobin to Consume Metabolism in intaking.

4.Avoid Drinks

Drinks can creat distress in achieving your aim to look smart.Many drinks like Alcohol affect Nervous System capability as a result your Metabolism does not be able to work well.Instead of drinks,you should drink juices like Milk Shake,Mango Shake as well as Apple juice.In my personal experience,juices can also play a major role in weight loss.

5.Some Traditional Sports

Some traditional sports like Running,Cycling,Rope Skipping not only strengthen your muscles but also burn more Calories and take apart in weight loss.If we want to be healthy and want to live a longer life,these sports can turn our dreams into reality.

6.Don’t Miss Breakfasts

As It is called that sleep is a sister of death that’s why we should not miss our Breakfasts.After a long sleep our body is ready to inhale everything.At that time if we take a strong breakfast,our body would be ready digest it.


30 minutes workout in a day can get you the same end in losing Calories in weight losing aim.always starts your workout in garden or outside your house in late morning.Fresh air will help your Metabolism work nicely.As i have described that if Metabolism will work well Calories will not be able to make home in your body.

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